What is the DNHS® technique?

The DNHS® is a dry needling technique with specific diagnostic and application criteria for the neurological patient,, con el objetivo de disminuir la espasticidad y mejorar las funcionalidad.

It is therefore a technique belonging to the field of the Invasive Physical Therapy,, which includes techniques used by the physiotherapist using a needling to treat percutaneoulsy (through the skin). The main difference of these techniques with traditional physiotherapy is that they look for a precise stimulation which generates a series of biological processes leading to the reparation and/or regeneration of the injured soft tissue or neuromodulation at different levels singly or in combination with other physical agents such as electricity depending on diagnostic or treatment objectives.

This set of techniques differs from conventional physiotherapy in that they seek precise stimulation that generates a series of biological chain processes leading to repair and/or regeneration of the injured tissue or neuromodulation at different levels.

The DNHS® technique was registered in 2007 by the researcher Dr. Pablo Herrero como una variante de las técnicas tradicionales de punción seca, con criterios específicos de aplicación al paciente con lesión del sistema nervioso central.

In 2007 it was published the first of the publications about the DNHS® technique, which shows that the technique is effective for reducing hypertonia and spasticity in patients with central nervous system disorders. Since then, both the iPhysio research group at Universidad San Jorge led by Dr. Pablo Herrero and other researchers worldwide have been gradually providing greater evidence of the effectiveness of this treatment.