Clinical cases

Video gallery showing DNHS® technique application.

Dry needling in cerebral palsy

Dry needling in a patient who volunteered to attend a course organized in Mexico. The video shows the pre-post changes of the application of the DNHS® technique. DNHS®.

Dry needling in a child with cerebral palsy to improve gait

This video shows the effect of treatment with a dry needling session on gait in a child with PCI.

Dry needling DNHS® stroke

In this video you can see the immediate changes produced after the application of dry needling in a stroke patient when treating upper limb musculature. It also analyzes the resistance to stretching and how the upper limb modifies its position during walking.

DNHS® in a patient with a brain injury

The video shows the initial evaluation of a patient who attends as a volunteer to a DNHS course held in Madrid from 10 to 12 January 2014. The technique is applied to the muscles described in the video and the changes are evaluated immediately after the treatment. The duration of the changes obtained with the structural treatment (motor endplates) and neuromodulation varies according to each patient and depends to a great extent on the subsequent re-education treatment.

DNHS® after stroke

Dry needling treatment of the upper and lower limb of a patient with post-stroke spasticity.

DNHS® after stroke

Tratamiento secuencial de punción seca en diferentes músculos de la extremidad inferior para la mejora de la marcha en paciente con espasticidad post-ictus.