Technical Creator DNHS®

The creator of the technique in 2004, the Dr. Pablo Herrero, do the first international publication about it was published in the American Journal of Musculoskeletal Pain. Since 2002 Dr. Pablo Herrero was working with neurological patients until 2009, making him compatible as a researcher in the Tecnodiscap group of the University of Zaragoza. In 2009 he reduced his clinical activity to devote himself mainly to teaching and research in the field of neurology in San Jorge Universitywhile maintaining contact with the clinic in the Center de Fisioterapia Valdespartera, where he works as a specialist in Invasive Physical Therapy.

In the San Jorge University and after obtaining a doctorate with European Mention after a 3-month stay at Keele University (UK), he founded the iPhysio research group, in which other researchers continued the line of research on neurological patients.

The team led by Dr. Pablo Herrero is made up of different teachers and researchers.