DNHS tecnique

The DNHS® technique is used to reduce hypertonia and spasticity and to improve the functionality of people suffering from an injury to the central nervous system.

Last year, 28,376 people in Spain (data from the National Statistics Institute) were diagnosed with a problem or chronic long-term illness. Of these, 10,170 (data from the National Statistics Institute) had cerebral vascular disease (CVD) in 2009.

After suffering a stroke, patients generally receive 6 months to 1 year of rehabilitation treatment. From then on, it is considered that their symptoms are unlikely to improve. They receive medical and drug treatment and, in some cases, specialist rehabilitation treatments in specialised associations. Current medical treatment is based on the technique of botulinum toxin type A (BTX-A) infiltration, which has been proven by many studies to reduce spasticity (a symptom of symptom, which causes an increase in tone depending on the velocity of stretch), but does not improve patient function. The DNHS® technique is a non-pharmacological alternative to this medical treatment, which aims to achieve, at the least, the same changes as BTX-A, but at a lower cost and with fewer side effects.

This technique is supported by the research published by Herrero P, Mayoral O (2007).

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